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What’s in a Name? Part II

Holystone is dead! Long live Holystone!


So in the last post (What’s in a Name? Part I) you were given the story of the birth of Holystone Brewing. Now let me tell you about the death of Holystone… Ok, so it is nothing too dramatic. We had always said that we could never open a commercial brewery using the name Holystone mainly because Charleston already has Holy City Brewing and Stone Brewing is obviously big enough to tell us we can’t use the word Stone in our name. Would they give us trouble if we tried to open with that name? Maybe. Possibly. Probably not. Whatever.

The truth behind it all is that I have this little logo that I drew up about 4 years ago and had been sitting on. It was this little cartoonish octopus with a hop cone for a head. I called it the octohops. When I launched this blog, I used the logo to represent the blog. Pearce (and everyone else for that matter) loved it. I never really thought about it, but people were asking us left and right if it was our brewery logo. I kept saying no, but Pearce kept pushing me on it saying we SHOULD adopt it, if for nothing else, our homebrew operation…

We knew that we were going to stop using Holystone but I fought using this to represent anything other than the blog. I was thinking, “Why would we use this throw away little logo…” “Octohops Homebrew has a nice ring to it,” Pearce said. I wasn’t convinced.


But I was wrong.

There, Pearce. I admitted it in a public forum! Haha!

It would seem that not only do people really think it is a cool logo, they have let us know that they would totally buy t-shirts and stickers and hats that have this logo on them. And they have already! We launched yesterday and have already sold a couple of t-shirts without people even really knowing the store was open.

So there you have it. We are adopting the Octohops as our logo for our homebrew operation, and maybe we will even take it into our commercial venture as well.  How would you like to help us in this journey and be a part of the adventure? Well, if you feel so inclined, then please consider purchasing one of our articles or clothing or a sticker (and hopefully other items in the near future…)

You can do so by visiting

Be a part of turning our vision into reality.



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