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GABF Pro-Am with Revelry Brewing


Back in May I wrote about some of the competitions that we had recently won and how exciting it was to get some validation on a few of our brews. There was one thing that was an unexpected consequence of those wins that will hopefully have some impact on our commercial endeavors.

Not too long after the Colonial Cup competition I received a message from the director of the contest asking if Pearce and I would be interested in teaming up with Revelry Brewing, a local commercial brewer here in Charleston, to brew our category first place winning Hefeweizen for the GABF Pro-Am. The guys at Revelry are brewing really great beers and we have said from day one that of all of the breweries in Charleston, they would be the ones we most looked up to.

If you don’t already know, the Great American Beer Festival (GABF) is the Mecca of beer festivals and competitions in the U S of A. Breweries are put on the map when they win medals here. Being a homebrewer and getting the chance to brew one of our recipes to then send to this competition is a dream come true. There are over 7,000 entries accepted to the commercial side of the competition. There are only 96 entries accepted to the Pro-Am. In order to even apply the homebrewers must have a first place finish in a BJCP certified competition AND then they must be ASKED by the commercial brewer.

Needless to say, we jumped at the opportunity to brew with Revelry and enter our award-winning Wise One Hefeweizen into the competition.

Long story short, we brewed a 20 barrel batch of Wise One a couple of weeks ago. We packaged up the competition bottles and kegs and sent them off to Denver and that left us we a good bit of beer to spread around town.


IMG_5650 IMG_5807

If you happen to be in the Charleston area this coming weekend, please head over to Revelry Brewing and raise a glass of commercial and amateur collaboration to a GABF Pro-Am Medal! It will also be making its way around town, so if you see it at a restaurant or taproom, let us know what you think!

Also, here are a couple of local articles written about it!

City Paper (#FUPlyler)

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