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Shane Cummings Named Head Brewer

Commonhouse Aleworks announced today that professional brewer and all-around likeable guy, Shane Cummings, will be joining co-owners Hank Hanna and Pearce Fleming as a core team member and will be named Head Brewer. Cumming’s role will include production management, oversight of brewing and cellaring operations, product innovation and establishing and maintaining quality assurances and controls.

“We are extremely excited to have Shane join the Commonhouse team,” said co-owner Fleming. “He brings a level of expertise and professionalism that is invaluable and, with him on board, we plan to make quite a splash in the beer community.”

Cummings is a passionate and driven brewer with extensive experience in brewhouse and cellar operations, QA/QC control, recipe formulation and process optimization. He received a diploma in Brewing Science and Engineering from the American Brewer’s Guild before starting at Stone Brewing in Escondido, California. He was later hired by Westbrook Brewing in Mt. Pleasant, SC, where he worked into the Lead Brewer position. He took some time to head back to the West Coast where he brewed at Portland Brewing Company before deciding that Charleston was where he wanted to hang his hat. During the build-out phase of Commonhouse Aleworks, Cummings has spent time honing his craft with one of South Carolina’s brewing pioneers, Dave Merritt, at Coast Brewing in North Charleston.

“I’m very excited to be a part of the Commonhouse Team,” said Cummings. “It’s thrilling to be working with guys who are as passionate about beer, family, and community as I am.”

As the head brewer at Commonhouse Aleworks, Cummings will enjoy the freedom to be expressive and innovative and truly own the products that he creates. “Having Shane at the helm of our brewhouse means having someone who can channel their passion through their experience and turn it into an incredible product. The quality of our beers will reflect that,” said Hanna. “We are excited to see what he comes up with. The ball’s in his court.”

“We will have a strong leaning on hop-forward beers when we open,” said Cummings. “But consumers should also expect rustic “farmhouse” style beers, some German style beers and lagers, as well as barrel-aged and sour or mixed-fermentation offerings.”

Quality and consistency will be a large focus for Cummings. “I want to make beers that we can all be proud of,” he said. “We owe it to every person spending money on our beer to constantly be working to better our processes and maintain the highest standard of quality.”

Please help us welcome Shane when you see him next by giving him a big, wet, sloppy kiss.

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