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GABF Pro-Am Follow Up


There have been a lot of things happening in the life of this “start up” brewery lately and I have a lot to catch you all up on, but for right now I just wanted to give you a quick post to follow up on the GABF Pro-Am.

Long story short:

We did not win a medal in the GABF Pro-Am. We are waiting on our score sheets to tell us how we did do. Once we know, we will let you know. Maybe. Ok, probably.

Short story long:

What an awesome experience. First and foremost I would like to thank Ryan Coker and the guys at Revelry Brewing here in Charleston for asking us to participate with our beer, Wise One.  Shout out to Jay, Sean, Brendan, Hunter, Michael and the rest of the crew for letting Pearce and I come in and brew our recipe with them and be a part of the team. The reception that we got around town for the beer was incredible and even though we didn’t win a medal for it, the market validation was great. It sold out quickly all around town.

GABF was incredible. There were over 3,000 breweries represented with over 7,000 beers in 100 different categories. Meeting other brewers from around the country and getting to try some of the World’s best beer was quite an experience. Not to mention that Denver is a beautiful city. One of my favorite parts was getting to attend the Brewer’s Appreciation Lunch at Avery Brewing where we got to mingle with some of those world-class brewers, eat all the BBQ we wanted and drink a bunch of one-off and special beers from Avery. Good times.

The REALLY excellent news coming out of GABF is that we got to celebrate with our homeslices from Revelry as THEY WON A MEDAL!

Revelry took home the silver medal in the Scotch Ale category with their beer Oh My Darlyn! The whooping and hollering from the South Carolina contingency was quite outstanding.  Winning a medal at GABF is like winning a medal in the beer Olympics. There are no higher honors in the competition world.


Congrats guys!

Another really cool thing that happened at GABF is that Pearce and I got to meet one of my personal beer heroes, Jay Goodwin and his dad Brad from the Rare Barrel. Pearce even said I fan-boyed a little bit. Sorry Jay.


There is a lot more that I could say about GABF, but I’m not going to. It was awesome and I cannot wait to go back as the proprietor of our own place. Maybe it will even be next year.

In closing, I want to let you know that starting with the next post, we will start truly delving into the process of starting a brewery. Although I have not posted a lot about the process up until this point, there have been a lot of things happening and a lot of moving parts set into motion. We have some super exciting updates coming up shortly.

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Stay tuned!


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